Trying something a little different today. I am going to give you a quick review of one of my favorite books. Writing Better Lyrics – By Pat Pattison, which I can buy on Amazon Prime for less than $13. That is an incredible value. Note: I have no affiliation with Pat Pattison Background: So who is Pat Pattison? Pat is an instructor at the illustrious Berklee College of Music, a school that has launched the careers of countless famous musicians. I am going to jump into…Continue Reading “The Best $12.91 You Will Ever Spend (A Book Review)”

So what is the key to an amazing bridge? In a word: Contrast First off, let me preface. This blog is going to get into the different parts of song form. I will use terms like: Verse, Bridge, PreChorus, Refrain, Chorus, Etc. If these seem totally unfamiliar, check out Pat Pattison’s book Writing Better Lyrics (not affiliated). His chapter on song form is eye opening.  This book is basically the bible for song writers. So much amazing material in here. I digress… OK enough on Pat…Continue Reading “The Golden Rule for Writing an Emotionally Moving Bridge”

So think back to your high school self, and picture the scenario. You sit down for your 9th grade math test. The teachers hands out the papers and you are off. You are sweating… Your hand is cramping… Worst of all, you can hear the smart girl next you turning pages faster and faster… But you power through, and are making good progress when your teacher shouts out “5 Minutes Remaining”. How could it be? ONLY 5 MINUTES LEFT? You scramble, flying through questions, bam, bam,…Continue Reading “It’s Crunch Time: Tip for Writing Fast”