It’s Crunch Time: Tip for Writing Fast

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So think back to your high school self, and picture the scenario.

You sit down for your 9th grade math test. The teachers hands out the papers and you are off.

You are sweating…

Your hand is cramping…

Worst of all, you can hear the smart girl next you turning pages faster and faster…

But you power through, and are making good progress when your teacher shouts out “5 Minutes Remaining”.

How could it be? ONLY 5 MINUTES LEFT?

You scramble, flying through questions, bam, bam, bam, andddddd TIME.

Somehow, with a 10 questions to go and only 5 minutes left you managed to finish the test. Why? Because you knew you had a time constraint.

Imagine if you had the same time constraints on you when you were writing songs?

So the tip is this. Set time limits on you writing sessions!

Deadlines help make things happen, and all time limits are, are short term deadlines.

Here is what I do:

  1. Grab a timer set it for 25 minutes
    • This may work for you it may not. Experiment. Try 10 minutes if you have a hard time focusing. If you have great focus, try an hour, or two hours.
  2. Be strict! When that timer stops, stop! Step away from your writing for a a few minutes. I usually recommend 5-10 minutes to clear your head.
  3. Create Habits around this Practice
    • I drink a coffee or matcha tea before I write to get in the write head space. Again, try different things. See what works for you. Try running before you write, eat a cake, meditate for 30 minutes, watch a tv show.
    • Figure out what works for and make that part of the habit.
    • Having these habits will help you to start productive writing sessions more often.

So todays post is short and sweet, but should also give you some powerful tools for increasing your productivity. 2

I know as creatives we often times embrace the romantic view of the magical, chaotic, and difficult process of creation.

Trust me, adding some structure to your work is not going to hold you back, it will help you create more, and as a result become a better writer.

Yours in putting the pen to the paper,