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Hello! Welcome to Artistry Unlocked. My name is Peter Keating, I am 24 year old singer/songwriter currenly based out of New York City. Over the past years, I have developer an intense passion for music which started on the drums, shifted to the guitar, and has now evolved into songwriting.

I have found songwriting to be one of the most rewarding and borderline addictive forms of artistic expressions.  At the same time, the road to a song you are proud of is almost never smooth and straight.

I am starting this blog, Artistry Unlocked, to form a community and share ideas around the tips and tricks we can all use to unlock our inner artistic and creative selves. When you are experiencing writers block, lacking inspiration, or simply looking for an excuse to put that guitar down for a minute (sometimes the best practice is no practice ;p).

For now we are going to focus on the three realms that in my mind, make up original songwriting.

  • Inspiration
  • Lyrics
  • Music

Before getting into it, let me clarify something. This is not going to be a english class and this is not going to a music theory class. That said, we are going to get into some of the technical components of songwriting.

If you prefer simply waiting around for the divine spirit to implant lyrics into your mind in a moment of inspiration, this community is not for you!

What I am hoping to do, is illuminate the fact that you can throw fuel on to your creative fire by simply understanding some of the basic principles of songwriting, lyric structure and music structure.

I am also hoping to learn a great deal from all of you, around what tools you use when you are fighting in the trenches to win the war of writing a song.

Anyways, that is all for now. I will write back more tomorrow. Thanks for reading.